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the same as i love you, you'll

always love me too, this love isn't good unless it's me&you

11 February
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my name is lisi &i'm twenty one. my best friend is my other half, and my little sister means the world to me. summer is my favorite season, as it brings ryan to me, and autumn takes him away. come october this will change, as he will be moving to canada, and autumn can reclaim its place as my favorite once again. i love to travel, but i hate the "getting there" part. i just like being new places and trying to things. the atlantic is far too wide. there are [give or take] 3452 miles between jfk &lhr, and that's far too many if you ask me. i might have sabotaged my own life by falling in love with someone who lives much too far away, but i'm happy to say i've ruined my best friend's life in the same fashion. we do everything else together, i feel this is only natural. i go cool places &do cool things. one day, when i grow up, i'm moving far away from long island. i'll live in a nice house with a porch and a swing. i'll drink coffee &grade elementary school papers on saturday mornings, soaking up the sunshine.

welcome to my life. well, almost. my journal is friends only.